Thrive Chiropractic Testimonials

Digestive Trouble & Back Pain "Love PETE! Pete and I go to the same gym. I had heard so many great things about him and his work but had never actually been to a chiropractor in my life. I was a little unsure of what to expect but after a few weeks of aching pains throughout my shoulders, back and hip, I took a little trip to see Dr. Pete. UGH! Best decision ever! For real, Pete made me feel so comfortable and explained things in such a way that I could fully understand what was going on with my body and how he was going to make adjustments. I saw him once a week for a month and then every other week and as needed after that. After each visit I feel lighter and much more in-tune with my body. I can see positive effects of the adjustments during workouts as well as in simply walking and breathing. Lastly, I must say that with adjustments in my lower sacrum, my digestive system is back on track and regularity is no longer an issue. And that’s all I got to say about that! Bottom line, Pete himself epitomizes a healthy, happy, active lifestyle of wellness which shows through in his work. Pete is a healer and I am glad to reap the benefits of his craft. Thanks Pete! Love it!" – Meghan
Injuries from Car Accident "I first came to see Pete because of lingering pain from an old car accident injury. He helped me with my pain, and helped me see how posture, exercise, and diet were contributing to the injury. He is very knowledgeable about health and gives great adjustments. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Pete!" – Sarah
Healthier Family "Dr. Pete has helped our family in countless ways; not for ‘back’ care, but for ‘life’ care. Having two young children, we are pleased at the fact that they are typically unmedicated, yet very healthy. Dr. Pete has a great rapport with our children and has helped our family strive for a healthier lifestyle." – Lilian
Sports Injuries & Tension Relief "After a ten year career as a professional ultimate fighter and competing as a collegiate lacrosse player, the years of wear and tear on my body were beginning to manifest themselves. Compounding the need for balance in my body are my work demands as a personal trainer at Revolution Fitness. Besides the consistent pain in my back and the lack of function with some movements, I also was in need of achieving a holistic balance that chiropractic care provides. I first began treatment with Dr. Pete in the spring of 2009. Instantly I was feeling relief. The consistent pain in my back subsided. Once the pain began to diminish, I was able to work through a greater range of motion and improve not only my flexibility, but my function as well. The treatment sessions additionally allowed me to maintain the high intensity in which I train subsequently keeping me physically fit and mentally stable. The chiropractic treatment provided by Dr. Pete has also kept all my body’s systems in balance. Prior to my treatment, my body did not ‘feel right’. I realize that this is a vague, subjective description, but as the treatment sessions continued, I felt more energized, recovered quicker from my intense training sessions, kept a more positive outlook on my day, and was happier with how my body felt. Dr. Pete has done a wonderful job providing me with wonderful treatment to not only heal my body, but to heal my mind." – Todd

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