No More Reflux for Baby Zachary

At two months of age Zachary began vomiting after almost every feeding, sometimes seven to eight times a day. His mom, Emily, was breastfeeding and tried diet changes but this did not help his condition. After several pediatrician visits and medicals tests Zachary’s parents were told he had severe reflux. The pediatrician said Zachary could grow out of it within six to eight months. Zachary’s parents didn’t want him to suffer any longer, so they reached out to a family friend, a chiropractor, for advice. Their friend was confident chiropractic care would help and suggested they find a chiropractor in their neighborhood – that’s when they found Dr. Pete.

Emily says, “After a few visits to Dr. Pete, Zachary’s vomiting improved remarkably. After four visits, Zachary never vomited at all. His appetite improved and he is growing at a better rate. He is a happy baby and a good sleeper. Dr. Pete was a natural working with Zachary. He was very thorough explaining both the issues possibly causing the vomiting and the adjustments.” – Emily Heitkamp, Zachary’s Mom