Karen Otto

Transverse to Head Down

Karen wanted to have a natural birth for her daughter. However, during the third trimester the baby was found in a transverse position, meaning it was sideways instead of head down. If a baby does not move from transverse into a head down position, a C-section is usually performed. To help Karen’s body align and move the baby into an optimal position Karen’s doula recommended chiropractic care. While Karen had not considered chiropractic she researched online, “I found Thrive had the best online reviews and most convenient hours and location.”

After receiving adjustments, Karen’s body and the baby’s positioning benefited. “The aches and pains in my hips and back, which I started to experience during the third trimester were reduced significantly. We were able to have the natural birth we wanted. Labor and delivery were much faster and smoother than with my first baby. Dr. Pete was very knowledgeable and took a genuine interest in me and my family.”

– Karen Otto