Advancing My Family’s Well Being

Mollie’s relationship with Thrive started before she became a mom. “I knew I wanted a family and I needed my body to be as good as possible. The regular adjustments were a breath of fresh air.” As her family grew, so did the chiropractic needs, “Throughout both pregnancies, Dr. Pete worked to make sure the baby stayed engaged and head down, and I was comfortable. When my daughter Ramona was just 10 days old, Dr. Pete did a home visit to adjust both me and her – we’ve been seeing him as a family ever since. I love the friendly nature of Dr. Pete and his staff. I like that they care as much about their own health as they do yours and they take the time to share their experience and learnings in the monthly newsletters.”

For Mollie it’s the regular maintenance she sees value in, “Besides being pain free, I would say we have excellent immune systems, I credit our maintenance adjustments. I see our family chiropractic care as essential for our overall wellbeing. Everything in our bodies is tied to the spine and alignment. An aligned body is just the first step in healing most any ailment. Our bodies are amazing healers if we just provide the opportunity to do so. The benefits are vast and my healthy family is a testament!”

– Mollie, Ramona, and Elgin