Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Cincinnati Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments, also known more commonly as spinal manipulations, can be utilized by trained practitioners to help naturally bring the body back in alignment. Chiropractors can use chiropractic adjustments to help with certain common and frustrating conditions that can be difficult to treat with other forms of medicine.

What are some Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Did you know that chiropractic adjustments can actually help your body improve at self-healing? The nervous system plays an integral role in keeping the body healthy — it controls the body’s cell, organ and tissue functions. When you receive a spinal adjustment to correct misalignment, you give the nervous system the proper pathway to perform its functions more effectively.

Chiropractic Care can Improve Brain Function

  • Brain activity was measured before and after adjustments in 500 people. People showed improved brain stimulation and more efficiency in the brain cortex after adjustment. JMPT 1997

Chiropractic Care can Normalize Blood Pressure

  • Blood pressure improved in chiropractic group compared to control group. JMPT 1998
  • People using blood pressure medication may often reduce or eliminate it once under chiropractic care due to positive effects. Neurological Fitness 1993.
  • Blood pressure improved in chiropractic group compared to control group. Hypertension 2007

Chiropractic Care can Improve Athletic Performance

  • Athletes who were adjusted over 6 weeks improved in all 11 tests—including agility, power, balance and reaction time. The control group did not match the gains of their peers who were adjusted. The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation 1991
  • Baseball players improved their jumping ability, strength, power, muscle capillary supply (oxygen delivery) compared to control group in as little as 5 weeks. JVSR 1997
  • Usain Bolt, world’s fastest man, and countless professional and Olympic athletes use chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care can Strengthen Immune System

  • Immune markers in blood increase after thoracic spine (middle back) adjustments. Nervous system coordinates the response of immune system (antibody levels, endorphins, Natural Killer cells, T and B Lymphocytes). Chiropractic Journal of Australia 1993
  • Among HIV patients, immune markers went up 48% in chiropractic group, down 7% in control group. Chiropractic Research Journal 1994

Chiropractic Care can Improve Lung Function

  • 58 people were tested before and after beginning chiropractic care. Lung function improved significantly regardless of whether people tested as ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ initially. JVSR 1997

Chiropractic Care can Increase Overall Vitality & Quality of Life

  • A study of 2,818 chiropractic clients showed improved rankings in overall quality of life, physical state, mental/emotional state, stress evaluation and life enjoyment. Improvements began as early as 1-3 months into care and improvement continued with no maximum benefit over years of care. JVSR 1997 Patients noticed fewer limitations physically, less body pain, more vitality, better mental health, fewer restrictions to social events. Chiropractic Research Journal 1998

Chiropractic Care can lead to fewer Doctor & Hospitals Visits

  • Less money spent on Healthcare
  • Chiropractic clients have lower healthcare costs and fewer visits to doctors and hospitals. JMPT 1993 & J Am Health Policy 1992
  • Regular use of chiropractic reduced: the need for hospitalization by 60%, pharmaceutical usage by 85%, outpatient surgeries and procedures by 62% and overall global health care costs by more than 50%. “True Healthcare Reform” by Richard Sarnat, M.D.