Thrive Chiropractic Testimonials

It’s Been a Game-Changer for Us Terry and Melissa are Crossfit enthusiasts and committed to a healthy lifestyle. With their workouts, golfing, and active lifestyle, they appreciate their bodies’ performing optimally. They wanted to start chiropractic as a way to take good care of themselves. Melissa was nervous to give chiropractic a try for the first time. "I used to have headaches and lower back pain all the time. I thought the headaches were something I had to live with. I thought the lower back pain was just wear and tear and I just had to deal with it. Happily Pete helped both. As I think about it, I am not sure I have had a headache since that first treatment." Melissa SchmidtTerry says, "The care overall just makes me feel better… I go to see Pete once a month, more often if necessary." Occasionally, Terry will experience lower back pain. "For many years I have had a random pain I get in the lower right side of my back, Pete has been the only person that can give me immediate relief." In summary, Terry says, "There are few things we have done that have been game changers for us in our ability to be healthy long term, and this is one of them" – Terry McMillan and Melissa Schmidt
Full Mobility For Baby Anna "For the first 9 months of her life, Anna suffered from torticollis, an inability to turn the head and a twisted, tight neck. Anna’s mom Laura was looking for anything to help relax and balance her daughter’s neck. For six months Laura tried several therapies for Anna with very little change. However, after six chiropractic adjustments, Anna’s body relaxed and aligned with optimal posture and full mobility. Laura appreciated the gentle and simple techniques to help her daughter get off to a healthy start in life. "Chiropractic care is what straightened out Anna’s neck. The stretching wasn’t doing any good when her spine was misaligned. As soon as we addressed that issue her neck muscles were able to relax and straighten." – Anna Stacey and her mom, Laura Stacey
An Inch Taller and One Step Lighter For over 20 years Pat has been receiving chiropractic care a regular part of her routine so she keep up with all the things she enjoys such as painting, arts and crafts, and playing bridge. A retired Graphics Illustrator, Pat, age 81, says maintaining her creative passions is extremely important. "My first chiropractic visit was to treat a painful sciatic nerve over twenty years ago. Pete keeps me straight and really helps me find relief with my sinus headaches, foot aches, and other aches and pains." While Pat’s first visit was to find relief, she has since enjoyed learning about other healthy lifestyle habits and incorporating those into her own home. "I appreciate Pete’s help with my nutrition questions and supplement needs. I feel like Pete treats me as he would his grandmother. When I leave Thrive I feel an inch taller and one step lighter!" – Pat Marrs
Sciatic Pain Some months ago I developed severe pain in my upper left leg and the left side of my hip. It would come and go, but each time it persisted for a longer period of time and I often had to sit down and pull my left knee up towards my chest. I had heard people talk of their ‘sciatica’ pain and it seemed this might be my problem. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Pete, he confirmed that my problem was sciatica and performed some spinal realignments that reduced the pain by 70% after only one treatment! He recommended that I return in a day or two, which I did. After the second treatment the pain was totally gone. More importantly Dr. Pete recommended some simple floor exercises I could perform that would prevent reoccurrence of the problem by strengthening the lower back. I have had no further episodes of this debilitating condition." – Richard

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