Thrive Chiropractic Testimonials

Knee Pain and Improved Mood "Chiropractic has improved my quality of life immensely. Chiropractic has helped to improve my mood and given me a positive outlook on life…I am a runner and before I began receiving adjustments I was having knee problems that kept me from running. After being adjusted, my knee seems brand new…I am able to work out again and I am currently training to run a half-marathon." – Katie
Weekend Warrior "Dr. Pete educated me on the process before we started care. He is very concerned with my health and life, not just my spine…I started chiropractic care to deal with the aches and pains from my ‘weekend warrior’ activities over 30 years ago. Today with Dr. Pete I use chiropractic for my total wellness care. He has given me great advice for living a healthy lifestyle. I now have considerable energy, and I no longer experience weekend weariness!" – Jack
Rugby Performance and Hamstring Trouble "I had the privilege to be under Pete’s care for a year while he was living in Georgia. As a rugby player, I have had many hamstring problems in my career. With Pete’s care, I managed to play through an entire season without missing a game. This has not happened in a long time! Pete is a person of great character and an example of health and excellence in life. I am very thankful for the impact that Pete has had on my life." – Nolte
Better Energy and Healthier in her 50′s "I am in my late fifties, and due to chiropractic adjustments I feel that I am in better health and have much more energy than when I was in my thirties…I was diagnosed by a neurologist with shoulder pain and neuropathy due to repetitive motion tasks I perform at work. I did not want to take medication and decided to try chiropractic care. My regular visits to Dr. Pete have provided tremendous relief, allowing me to continue to work without pain…I am able to enjoy an active life, which includes biking, walking and yoga." – Cindy

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