May 2016 Newsletter

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  • New Thrive Chiropractic Shirts for Sale
  • Patient Testimonial: Transverse to Head Down
  • Deep Work: Increasing Productivity and Limiting Connectivity
  • Healthy Kids, Happy Mom: Essential Oil Class May 21st at 11:00AM
  • Pregnancy, Pelvic Floor and C-Sections
  • Recipe of the Month: Dairy Free Frittata

Thrive Chiropractic Shirts Now Available

Thrive Chiropractic T-Shirts are now available at the office. All colors and styles are $15 each. All shirts are American Apparel brand and we have men’s and women’s short sleeve as well as unisex 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts.

Patient Testimonial: Transverse to Head Down

                                                                         * photo by Katie Brenkert *

Karen Otto was planning to have a natural birth when she went into labor with her daughter.  However during her third trimester, her daughter Vivian was in a transverse position, meaning the baby was sideways instead of head down.  If a transverse baby does not move into a head down position, a C-section is usually performed.

Karen’s doula recommended chiropractic care to help align her body to help the baby move into an optimal position for a natural labor and deliver. Karen had not considered chiropractic care and she found Thrive had the best online reviews and most convenient hours and location.

Karen found Dr. Pete to be very knowledgeable and said he took a genuine interest in her and her family. After receiving adjustments, the baby turned head down and she received additional benefits as well.

“The aches and pains in my hips and back which I started to experience during the third trimester were reduced significantly. And we were able to have the natural birth we wanted. Labor and delivery were much faster and smoother than with my first baby.”

Karen Otto

Work Deeper by Limiting your Connectivity

In this world of distraction, author Cal Newport says the ability to focus is extremely important.  In this podcast from 33Voices, Newport talks about his book “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World”.

They discuss what we lose with distractions and how to improve our ability to be intensely focused. One major way to focus is to limit and schedule time spent on our phones and computers, especially on social media. For example, you may schedule times to look at email, to check Facebook, to look at websites rather than doing these things many times throughout the day while trying to accomplish other tasks. He also recommends planning out segments of the day with specific times to accomplish tasks.

I have noticed not only greater productivity since implementing some of the suggestions, I have also noticed the techniques leave me feeling more energy at the end of the workday.

Essential Oils Class: May 21st at 11:00AM

Kristin Worley, owner of Flourish Massage,  will be teaching a class on essential oils at Thrive. Please RSVP directly to Kristin or ask any questions at [email protected] or call 513-739-5977. Kristin describes the class:

May 21st at 11:00AM – Healthy Kids, Happy Mom!
Do your kids get sick, have trouble listening, seem completely out of control and leave you feeling overwhelmed?  Well, it’s time to change that by focusing on whole family wellness.  A happy kiddo is a happy mama! Join us for this fun class about essential oils solutions – not only to support better health and immune system but also for better focus, less craziness, and more peace and calmness.  This class is essential for mama. All moms and families welcome!

Pregnancy, Pelvic Floor and C-Sections

Chiropractic Care Does Influence Pelvic Floor Muscles – There is new research out showing that chiropractic care can help influence pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles can impact the length of time a woman is in labor and the ability to have a natural birth.

Allowing Women More time to Push may Decrease C-Section Rates A new study suggests that if women are given one additional hour to push during labor it can decrease the need for a C-section. Current guidelines allow women with an epidural to push for 3 hours before an intervention is used and women without an epidural two hours. A small study followed 78 first time mothers and gave them an addition hour to push.  Approximately 43% of women of women who push for three hours have a C-section. Of the women in the study allowed to push for 4 hours, only 19.5% required one.

Julie Brehm, MPT-  Julie Brehm is a physical therapist specializing in women’s health including issues with the pelvic floor. Many of my clients have found Julie to be a great help in addressing pre- and post-natal pelvic floor and abdominal issues.

Recipe of the Month: Dairy Free Frittata

Start your day off with a delicious and healthy breakfast.  This Dairy Free Frittata from Bravo for Paleo can be made ahead of time and be reheated all week long for a quick and protein packed way to start your day!