June 2024 Newsletter

Room Available on 2nd Floor for Massage Therapist, etc.

We are excited to look for an additional practitioner for the second floor of our office. We will miss having Heather Campbell, as she will be leaving at the end of July for another opportunity.

Do you know anyone who might wish to join us?  Massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, etc.  – any great service in the health field will be considered.

Check out this flyer for more info and please pass on to anyone you know who might be interested.  Thank you!

Cost of Chiropractic Care vs. Medical Management of Musculoskeletal Pain: A Systemic Review

Image Source: https://t4.ftcdn.net/jpg/06/61/22/47/360_F_661224703_FXYstKKAuDjuKytTxSbr5XKfF95xdTqW.jpg

From: Chiropractic & Manual Therapies March 6th 2023; Vol. 32; No. 1; Article 8

This study cites 66 references. 

“The purpose of this review was to update, summarize, and evaluate the evidence for the cost of chiropractic care compared to conventional medical care for management of spine-related musculoskeletal pain.” The literature search used 44 studies (26 cohort studies, 17 cost studies, and 1 randomized controlled trial).

  • “The year cost of spine-related pain in the US is estimated at $135 billion.”
  • “In the United States, healthcare costs for low back and neck pain are rising and as of 2016 were the highest for any condition.”
  • “Although most cases of spine-related musculoskeletal pain can be effectively managed with conservative guideline-concordant non pharmacological and noninvasive approaches, frequently a patient’s course of care is unnecessarily escalated by use of more invasive, hazardous, and/or costly procedures.”
  • “The escalation of spine-related musculoskeletal pain management is closely associated with increased downstream costs.”
    • “Such costs typically include diagnostic tests, particularly advanced imaging, surgery, specialist care, and medication use.”
    • “For patients with spine-related musculoskeletal disorders, among the most important escalations of care associated with downstream human and societal cost that are receiving recent attention are opioid use, abuse, and overdose.”
  • “Ten studies fount that Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) care had lower overall costs.”
  • “Two studies found lower long-term healthcare cost associated with DC care”
  • Factors affecting costs:
    • diagnostic imaging was used less with DC care
    • fewer opioid prescriptions
    • fewer surgeries with DC care
    • fewer hospitalizations with DC care
    • decreased use of injection procedures with DC care
    • fewer referrals for specialist visits with DC care
    • fewer ED visits were associated with DC care
  • Both chiropractors and physical therapist provide non pharmacologic and non surgical interventions, and that their early use appears to be associated with a decrease in immediate and long-term utilization of healthcare resources.”
  • “This study adds further confidence in the emerging body of evidence on provider-related cost differentials and provides a compelling case for the influence of conservative care providers as the first provide management for spine-related musculoskeletal pain.”
  • The recurrent theme of the data seems to support the utilizations of chiropractors as the initial provider for an episode of spine-related musculoskeletal pain.”

Office Closed Dates: July 4th and 5th

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The office will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th.

Enjoy celebrating with your friends and family. 

Smartphones, Social Media, Kids and Mental Health

Andrew Huberman welcomed Jonathan Haidt on a recent podcast to discuss how smart phones and social media are effecting our kids (and our) mental health. 

Haidt has some solutions from his research on the subject. At the one hour, 33 minute mark, he outlines his 4 main solutions:

  • No personal smartphone or personal iPad before high school (flip phone is OK)
  • No social media until 16 years old.
  • Phone-Free Schools (locked in locker or pouch the whole day, not on person)
  • More Independence, Free Play and Responsibility in the real world (offline)

Haidt acknowledges that these first two points above are more successful when groups of parents set these standards together. He notes that the high school and college students he researches nearly universally say they would be happier without smartphones and social media IF EVERYONE DID NOT USED THEM. They use them so that they are included in the peer group, but wish it did not have to be this way.

Other topics of interest can be found via timestamp:

00:00:00 Dr. Jonathan Haidt
00:02:01 Sponsors: Helix Sleep, AeroPress & Joovv
00:06:23 Great Rewiring of Childhood: Technology, Smartphones & Social Media
00:12:48 Mental Health Trends: Boys, Girls & Smartphones
00:16:26 Smartphone Usage, Play-Based to Phone-Based Childhood
00:20:40 The Tragedy of Losing Play-Based Childhood
00:28:13 Sponsor: AG1
00:30:02 Girls vs. Boys, Interests & Trapping Kids
00:37:31 “Effectance,” Systems & Relationships, Animals
00:41:47 Boys Sexual Development, Dopamine Reinforcement & Pornography
00:49:19 Boys, Courtship, Chivalry & Technology; Gen Z Development
00:55:24 Play & Low-Stakes Mistakes, Video Games & Social Media, Conflict Resolution
00:59:48 Sponsor: LMNT
01:01:23 Social Media, Trolls, Performance
01:06:47 Dynamic Subordination, Hierarchy, Boys
01:10:15 Girls & Perfectionism, Social Media & Performance
01:14:00 Phone-Based Childhood & Brain Development, Critical Periods
01:21:15 Puberty & Sensitive Periods, Culture & Identity
01:23:55 Brain Development & Puberty; Identity; Social Media, Learning & Reward
01:33:37 Tool: 4 Recommendations for Smartphone Use in Kids
01:41:48 Changing Childhood Norms, Policies & Legislature
01:49:13 Summer Camp, Team Sports, Religion, Music
01:54:36 Boredom, Addiction & Smartphones; Tool: “Awe Walks”
02:03:14 Casino Analogy & Ceding Childhood; Social Media Content
02:09:33 Adult Behavior; Tool: Meals & Phones
02:11:45 Regaining Childhood Independence; Tool: Family Groups & Phones
02:16:09 Screens & Future Optimism, Collective Action, KOSA Bill
02:24:52 Zero-Cost Support, Spotify & Apple Reviews, YouTube Feedback, Social Media, Neural Network Newsletter

Recipe of the Month: Watermelon Slushies

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A refreshing treat for hot summer days!

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