December 2012 Newsletter

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Gift Certificates Available + 20% Off All Supplements

Gift certificates are available for chiropractic care for your friends and family members who are looking to improve their health through chiropractic. Certificates can be mailed, emailed, or picked up at either office location. In addition, all supplements, foam rollers, Pillo-Pedic Pillows, and pain relievers (BioFreeze and Sombra) will be 20% off through the end of the December. These make great stocking stuffers!

Holiday Office Hours

Our office will be closed Saturday, December 22nd through Tuesday, December 25th. Normal office hours will resume Wednesday, December 26th. In observance of the New Year, the office will also be closed Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st.

Stop Cooking with Canola Oil!

With so many oils on the market, and conflicting recommendations, it’s hard to know which one to put into your shopping cart, into your food, and eventually your body. Canola oil is found in many seemingly ‘healthy’ foods, however, it is not the safe alternative that the major food processing companies want you to believe.

Canola oil was developed as a cost effective alternative to saturated fats in corn and soybean oils. Produced from the rapeseed plant, canola oil is genetically modified in order to reduce the high levels of eurcic acid that can lead to heart damage. Before reaching your table, it undergoes an extreme amount of processing and hydrogenation. Read Dr. Axe’s article ‘How to Choose a Good Oil‘ and Tips to Avoid GMO’s before buying a cooking oil.

You also want to avoid soybean oil, corn oil, and margarine. Healthy oils and healthy fats are vitally important for your nutrition. Include coconut oil, butter and olive oil as healthy choices. Does this sound crazy and the opposite of everything you’ve ever heard? Then check out this link and this website from Weston A Price. The authors, Mary Enig and Sally Fallon, are experts in the field of oils, fats, and nutrition.

How To Naturally Prevent and Treat a UTI

The most common cause of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is the transfer of E. coli bacteria from the intestinal tract to the urinary tract. Doctors typically prescribe antibiotics to treat these infections, but are often unnecessary and may cause future problems by destroying beneficial bacteria.

Dr. Chris Kresser’s article highlights some great alternative treatments for UTI’s. D-Mannose, a naturally occurring sugar found in several fruits, including cranberries, is the most effective way to prevent and treat UTI’s. A typical dose is 500 mg, every 2-3 hours for five days, although most symptoms are generally resolved after 48 hours. Lauricidian, Nattokinase, and Apolactoferrin are additional supplements that may be helpful in treating UTI symptoms.

Chiropractic Care is Great for Children Too!

Whether 1 year old or 100 years old, we all live life through our nervous systems. Chiropractic care allows optimal function of our nervous systems so we can be our best throughout life.

In my practice, I see children every day. This video from Dr. Claudia Anrig explains why families are choosing chiropractic care.

Why would kids need chiropractic?

  • Children have physical, mental/emotional, and chemical stresses that cause subluxations (nerve interference and spinal misalignments) just like adults.

Wouldn’t it painful for babies or kids to get adjusted?

  • No, I use different techniques for a 200-pound man versus an infant. I use light pressure with my finger tips to re-align babies.

What are some common reasons kids see me at the office?

  • Many children come for regular wellness visits to re-align and optimize the spine and nerve system just like adults. Of course kids have health concerns too. I frequently help babies with difficulty nursing, sleeping, turning the head to both sides, colic, ear infections and constipation. Children’s concerns often involve posture trouble, bedwetting issues, ADHD, concentration, stress, sports injuries, scoliosis and more.

Watch this news clip from for testimonials on how local chiropractors are helping children sleep through the night and perform better in school.

As more parents are turning to chiropractors to improve their child’s health care, ear pain is the number one complaint. This is not surprising as ear infections account for over 35% of all pediatric visits in the United States. Chiropractic studies and case studies have shown there is a strong link between the birthing process and recurrent ear infections. During the birthing process, cervical vertebrae can become misaligned which disrupts nerve function and leads to fluid buildup in the middle ear. While the usual treatment of antibiotics is not always effective and kills good bacteria in the body as well, many babies respond favorably with chiropractic adjustments for ear and other upper respiratory infections.

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) provides education, training, and research on chiropractic care in pregnancy and throughout childhood. Check the link out for more information.

Recipe of the Month: Brussel Sprouts with Shallots

Try this sautéed brussel sprout recipe adapted from Paleoholic as an easy side dish for your next holiday gathering. By slicing brussel sprouts lengthwise it will help them cook more quickly. They’ll retain just a hint of crunch but develop a lovely flavor from the browned bits created in the hot skillet. If you’d like, drizzle your favorite vinegar on the finished dish.

2 large shallots, peeled, quartered
1 1/2 pounds brussel sprouts, outer leaves removed, trimmed, halved
1-2 tablespoons juice from jarred dill pickles or lemon juice
1 tablespoon clarified butter, divided
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided
salt and pepper


1. Heat sauté pan on medium-high. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of butter to pan to melt.
2. Once melted, add shallots and let brown for about 8-10 minutes.
3. While shallots are cooking, clean and trim brussel sprouts and slice in half.
4. After the shallots are crispy, set aside.
5. Add remaining oil and butter to sauté pan. Add brussel sprouts, season well with salt and pepper and squeeze lemon juice or pickle juice on top.
6. Let brussel sprouts brown completely on one side before tossing to flip. This will take about 5-7 minutes. Brown the other side and then transfer to serving dish.
7. Top with shallots.

2013 Goal Setting and Health Evaluation

For those of you who attended our last Health Class, you are already familiar with the Wellness Wheel. Feel free to use this worksheet to assess your level of spiritual, mental, physical, financial, family, social, and career health. This may be a good starting point for your 2013 goal setting process.

Thank You!

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for YOU! I love my job as a chiropractor and am thankful I can work with you to improve your health, quality of life and happiness. Enjoy this special time of year with your friends and family!