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9 Botanical Vegetable Families…Eat them All!

Written by Dr. Pete Haggenjos.

There are 9 botanical families of vegetables. Are you including each family in your diet to obtain optimal nutrition?

1. Cabbage / Mustard
2. Lettuce / Sunflower
3. Carrot / Parsley
4. Beet / Spinach
5. Cucumber / Squash
6. Mint / Basil
7. Tomato / Pepper
8. Bean /Pea
9. Onion / Garlic

Do Not Fear Salt!

Written by Dr. Pete Haggenjos.

Salt (sodium chloride) is essential for good health:

• Maintains Acid-Base Level
• Nerve Conduction
• Nutrient Transport Into Cells
• Maintaining Blood Pressure
• Muscular Activity
• Digesting Proteins
• Killing Parasites and Pathogens

Vitamin D Supplementation for Fall & Winter Months

Written by Dr. Pete Haggenjos.

I am in favor of obtaining nutrients through real food sources as much as possible. Yet, Vitamin D is tricky. Our bodies only produce Vitamin D through 30 minutes of direct sun exposure in the warm months of the year. From October to April, most people in this part of the world lack adequate sun exposure for optimal Vitamin D levels.

Healthy Fats & Oils

Written by Dr. Pete Haggenjos.

My kitchen is stocked with olive oil, coconut oil, and butter from pastured, grass fed cows. If you asked most Americans if they thought my fat and oil selections were healthy, they would probably only agree with the olive oil.

“It’s my genes….”

Written by Dr. Pete Haggenjos.

Genetics play an important role in creating who we are, yet there is more to the story than most realize. The field of epigenetics (‘above the gene’ or ‘on the gene’) is revealing that genes can be essentially switched on or off based on many environmental factors….including our own thoughts!

Check out Bruce Lipton’s book “Biology of Belief” for more details or read an interview here.

Remember, your choices and actions DO make a difference in your health. Be good to yourself!

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