What to Expect?

At Thrive Chiropractic it is our mission to serve everyone with respect and appreciation. We work to provide you with an excellent chiropractic experience.

Your First Visit: Your first chiropractic session at Thrive will be an opportunity for us to learn about you, and for you to tell us about your concerns and goals for your health. We want to ensure we understand how to serve you best. After our initial conversation, we will assess your posture and ranges of motion. We will assess your balance and alignment with palpation. If we find we can help with adjustments, we will adjust you at the end of your first visit.

There is no need to wear any special clothing for your visit. Expect this session to be around 30 minutes.

Your Second Visit: You will receive a packet with recommendations and home exercises/stretches for you to perform on your own. We will teach you these movements. You will receive your second adjustment at this session. This visit will be about 15 minutes.

Follow Up Visits: At your follow up visit or series of visits, we will assess how your body is changing and perform the necessary adjustments. These visits are around 10 minutes.

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