September 2023 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Video: Upper Back and Shoulder Help – Marching on All Fours
  • Check Out Our New Website + Easier Massage Booking
  • Dr. Becca Update
  • Event: Green Acres Farm on 10/26
  • Podcast: Time, Productivity, and Purpose: Insights From Four Thousand Weeks
  • Recipe: Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Video: Upper Back and Shoulder Help – Marching on All Fours

good one for opening space in the upper back, lower neck and shoulder blades!

Check Out Our New Website + Easier Massage Scheduling

After about a decade, the old site needed an update. Thanks to Mike at MASSMEDIUMS for the work upgrading the site.

We also want to note that you can schedule directly online for massage through these links. in particular, Heather had an issue with her scheduling site for new clients that is now resolved so don’t let that stop you!

Update on Dr. Becca Keyes

We had to part ways with Dr. Becca a couple of weeks ago. We found the differences in technique to be too significant for our clients. We wish Dr. Becca well and have learned some great lessons on what we may approach differently when looking to add a chiropractor in the future. 

October 26th Event at Green Acres Farm: Human Health Impacts of Farming Practices

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Some of you may be interested in attending this free event:

“Discover the differences between conventionally and regeneratively grown foods and their effects on human well-being and nutrition.”

Metabolomics expert, Dr. Stephan van Vliet, joins Greenacres’ Chad Bitler for an enlightening discussion on these differences. Together, they will share preliminary first-year data from their joint research project, “Regenerative Farming Systems and Their Impact on Food Quality and Human Health.” Attendees will gain valuable insights into the effects that different farming approaches have on nutrient density. Whether you’re a doctor, nutritionist, health and wellness practitioner, or just generally interested in where your food comes from, you’ll enjoy this event. It will offer valuable insights into holistic well-being and the origin of our food. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore the potential implications for a healthier future! To learn more about the research project, click here.

You will have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of appetizers using Greenacres products, and then join metabolomic expert Dr Stephan van Vliet and the Greenacres Research department for a presentation followed by a Q&A session. Drinks will also be available for purchase.

Timeline on October 26th:

  • 6:00pm – Arts Center Gate Opens
  • 6pm-7pm – Cocktail Hour
  • 7pm-8:30pm – Presentation Followed by Q&A Session


All guests must RSVP. For questions about this event, please call (513) 891-4227 ext.3.”

Podcast: Time, Productivity, and Purpose: Insights From Four Thousand Weeks | Oliver Burkeman with Peter Attia

I enjoyed this conversation on ‘time’ very much. It is a different philosophy than working harder, or working smarter, or pushing to be more efficient. What do you think?

Recipe of the Month: School Lunch Box Ideas

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It’s back to school time; here are some healthy lunch ideas!