September 2018 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Video: Improve Your Sleep
  • Video: Dr. Pete Adjusts Baby Leonard
  • FDA Warning on Spinal Steroid Injections
  • The Importance of What Time You Eat
  • Ditch the Canola Oil
  • Recipe of the Month: One Pan Cajun Chicken

The Most Underrated Factor in your Health: Sleep

Watch my 3 minute video for some ideas and action steps to improve the quality of your sleep.

If you would like to dig in deeper on the subject of sleep, Dr. Parsley gives a great TED talk on sleep (17 minute video).

Please also bear in mind that there will no doubt be seasons of life where your sleep may not be optimal. I encourage you to think big picture, over your lifetime! You may be in the midst of caring for an infant, working a night shift, or some other responsibility that limits your sleep quality right now. Know that your body is resilient and with positive changes and with time, you can restore good sleep and reap the rewards!


Video: Baby Leo Getting Adjusted

My twin girls and son came by the office recently for adjustments. Some of you have asked how adjustments for infants differ from big kids and adults. This video (2 minutes) shows how Leo was adjusted. 

FDA Issues Warning on Steroid Injections in Spine

The FDA has issued a “Med Watch” alert regarding Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI’s) to help with back pain. According to the alert “Injection of corticosteroids into the epidural space of the spine may result in rare but serious adverse events, including loss of vision, stroke, paralysis, and death.”

As a chiropractor, I always look to the most conservative approaches first. Before turning to drugs, injections or surgery, I look to chiropractic, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture.

When You Eat May be as Important as What You Eat

A variety of new studies show that what time you eat can affect your health just as much as what foods you eat. This article from the New York Times says that our bodies work best when we match our eating patterns to our circadian rhythm. While most people tend to graze on food during a 15 hour window, it is shown to be more beneficial to eat during the same 8-10 hour window each day. 

This sounds very similar to principles of intermittent fasting, which we highlighted a few months ago in our newsletter.

Ditch the Canola Oil

Dr. Axe discusses why canola oil is not a ‘health food’.

Canola oil is a genetically processed oil made from the rapeseed which is a member of the mustard family. Rapeseeds are high in erucic acid, which is dangerous to your health, so Canadian scientists genetically modified a version of rapeseed to be low in low- erucic acid, and called it Canola.   

Stock your kitchens with butter, coconut oil and olive oil instead!

Recipe of the Month: One Pan Cajun Chicken

School is back in session and the lazy days of summer are over. This one pan Cajun Chicken is easy to make, allowing you to have a healthy dinner even with a busy schedule. You can easily add in any of your favorite root vegetables in place of the potatoes for variety.