October 2017 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Rebecca Baumann Joins Our Office
  • Dr. Pete Interviewed on the Bite Sized Wellness Podcast
  • Open House November 4th from 3-5PM
  • Leg Length Differences and Lumbar Disc Herniation
  • Essential Oils Classes in October
  • Recipe of the Month: The Best Way to Roast Vegetables


Welcome Rebecca Baumann to 2nd Floor of Thrive

I’m excited to announced that Rebecca Baumann has joined us on the second floor of Thrive Chiropractic.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician dedicated to sharing her passion for health and well-being with you.

Offering botanical facials and ashiatsu massage therapy, her work primarily focuses on relaxing the nervous system so that you may find your own inner peace. She believe stress is at the root of dis-ease and pain, both physical and emotional, and that healing takes place in the state of relaxation. Rebecca uses ashiatsu, a technique in which she uses her bare foot to deliver the massage to provide a deep and sustained pressure in a way that isn’t painful.

Rebecca has lived in some of the most beautiful destination mountain towns in the country and worked at the best spas.  She tries to bring that experience into her own practice.

Rebecca has been a Board Certified in Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork since 2002, Licensed Esthetician since 2012 and has extensive professional experience working in medical and spa settings.  Her continuing education is in Medical/Orthopedic Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Ashiatsu Barefoot and Fijian Oil Barefoot Massage.       

Please visit her website to make an appointment, text 513-592-1241 or email [email protected].

Open House at Thrive November 4th from 3-5 PM

On Saturday November 4th, from 3-5PM, there will be an Open House to welcome Suzanne Lautz Singh and Rebecca Baumann along with the opportunity to meet and visit with the rest of our current practitioners and staff.

All of the massage therapists on our second floor have different specialties and this Open House is an opportunity to learn more about each one. Snacks and drinks will be served. No RSVP needed. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Pete Interviewed on Bite Sized Wellness Podcast

Dr. Pete was recently invited to speak on chiropractic care on the  Bite-Sized Wellness Podcast. Some of you may remember the host of the podcast, Zach Franke of Health Coach Zach at Rebooted Body.

Bite Sized Wellness offers short weekly podcasts on ways to improve your health and wellness. You can listen on their website and or subscribe via your favorite podcasting app.

Check out the list of recent podcasts. I’ve enjoyed listening to topics ranging from body awareness, strength training, healthcare in America and more. Dig in!

Leg Length Difference and Lumbar Disc Herniation

This 2016 study looks at inequality of leg length as a potential cause of lumbar disc herniation.

Different leg lengths due to spinal or pelvis imbalances can contribute to disc degeneration which usually precedes herniation.

Chiropractic care can address and correct these imbalances to help prevent low back pain, disc disease and improve surgical outcomes.

Two Upcoming Essential Oils Classes

There will be two Essential Oils classes in October:

The first is on October 21st from 10:30-12:00. Please RSVP to Margret Morris at 513-720-0682 or [email protected]. The class will be ‘Essential Oils 101’ and will cover the basics of what essential oils are and how to include them in your daily routine.

The second class is on October 22 from 2-3PM. The topic is Emotional Aromatherapy.  You can learn more and RSVP on the event Facebook Page. You can also RSVP to Laura Grace-Cox at 513-399-2243 or [email protected] or Kristin Worley at 513-739-5977 or [email protected].

Recipe of the Month: The Ultimate Guide to Roasted Vegetables

Bon Appetit has created the Ultimate Guide to Roasting Veggies to complement any meal you are cooking.  This article offers six basic recipes for anyone learning to roast vegetables as well as a printable guide for those who want to upgrade using different flavor combinations. Root vegetables that come into season in fall and winter are perfect for roasting!