October 2016 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • New FDA regulations on Hand Soap
  • Office Hours Friday Oct 14: Morning Only
  • Why You Should Drink Bone Broth
  • Time to Reconsider Your Birth Control Options?
  • Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetables


New Regulations on Hand Soap

The FDA has instituted new regulations that no longer allow soap manufacturers to use antibacterial chemicals in soaps.

The FDA released a statement saying “Companies will no longer be able to market antibacterial washes with these ingredients because manufacturers did not demonstrate that the ingredients are both safe for long-term daily use and more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and the spread of certain infections.”

This article from NBC News states that over 2000 products currently contain Triclosan, the most widely used of the banned antibacterial chemicals. This article from The Atlantic shows that some of the banned chemicals have been tied to hormone changes in animal research and can cause the evolution of drug-resistant bacterial.

Both the FDA and the Center for Disease Control say that simply washing with plain soap and running water is the most effective way to get rid of germs.

Office Hours on Friday October 14: Morning Only!

The chiropractic office will only be open from 8:30AM – 12:30PM on Friday, October 14th.  Dr. Pete will not be adjusting that afternoon.

Kelly Nickel, Chrisanthi Fekkos, and Allyson Trebbi can be contacted directly for scheduling and availability as always. By the way, did you know that you can schedule online with Kelly, schedule online with Chrisanthi, and email/call Allyson for appointments?

The Health Benefits of Bone Broth

The health benefits that come from regular consumption of bone broth have started to make headlines. Other cultures however, have been using broth as a healing and health agent for centuries. In this article from Mark’s Daily Apple  Mark Sisson answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the benefits and the preparation methods of bone broth. Sisson says that the gelatin in bone broth is the main nutrient that provides many of bone broth’s benefits.

Not all bone broth is the same according to this article from Dr. Jockers. In his article he explains different types and sizes of bones determines the type of nutrition you can get from using them. He also provides a simple recipe to make your own broth, as well as the best brand to buy if you are not able to make it yourself.

Birth Control

About 80% of women have been on some sort of hormonal birth control  at some point in their life.  Dr. Mercola is concerned that these methods are being prescribed without sharing all the potential risks that come along with their use.  In this article, Dr. Mercola discuses the various types of hormonal birth control available and the side effects and risks that they may cause. Hormonal birth control risks can include increased cancer risk, blod clots, high blood pressure, hormone changes, change in sexual function, migraines, miscarriages and potential risk to children, even after the mother is no longer using the pill.

Dr. Mercola also recommends non-hormonal contraceptive options like Natural Family Planning and the barrier method which have a decreased risks of dangerous side effects.

Recipe of the Month: Roasted Root Vegetables

Now that Autumn has arrived many hearty and nutritious root vegetables are in season. This Roasted Root Vegetable recipe from Joshua Weissman’s Slim Palate is a simple and delicious way to prepare these veggies. Even if you hate beets, give this recipe a chance. This preparation has changed the minds of even the most ardent beet hater. I do suggest using parchment paper to line your pan instead of aluminum foil.