November 2021 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Video: Looking ahead to Purification Programs and health goals for 2022
  • Office Closed Dates for November
  • Article: The Impact of Vitamin D on COVID-19 Infections
  • Hypervolt Percussion Tool for Sale
  • Online Scheduling For Massage Therapists
  • Recipe: Apple Walnut Spinach Salad


Video: Looking toward 2022 with more Health and Vitality

In this brief video (1:21) I describe what we will release in December to help you plan for more health and vitality in 2022.

Office Closed Dates for November

On Friday, November 5th the chiropractic office will be closed in the afternoon. Appointments are available until 12:00pm on 11/5.

The office will also be closed Monday, November 8th. 

For Thanksgiving we will be closed Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th.

We will return to normal hours on Monday the 29th. 

The Impact of Vitamin D on COVID-19 Infection: Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis

This large meta analysis (gold standard in interventional studies) from 14 hospitals showed that being vitamin D deficient increases your risk of getting a COVID-19 infection by 80%. Other research also showed that hospitalizations and deaths are reduced by over 65% in those who are vitamin D sufficient.

This is extremely compelling data and there is even better news.  Vitamin D deficiency is considered under 30 ng/mL which is extremely low. Optimal levels are up over 50 ng/mL.  This will give your body the best defense.

When you get your levels optimized it significantly reduces your all cause morbidity and mortality.  It reduces risk and helps the body heal from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease and neurodegenerative diseases.  

At your next blood test, find out your 25-OH vitamin D levels. In the meantime, taking roughly 1000 IU per 25 lbs of body weight is a great maintenance dose to keep you in the optimal range.  If you are deficient, take 2000 IUs of D3 per 25lbs of body weight to optimize levels and then reduce to 1000 IU per 25 lbs of body weight. 

Hypervolt Percussion Tool for Sale at Office

We restocked our supply of  Hypervolt tools for sale at the office. Many of you have purchased them for holiday gifts. They are available to purchase in the office for  $249.00 + tax.

Online Schedulers For Massage Therapists 

Our massage therapists offer online schedulers to make scheduling an appointment quick and easy. 

See Taylor’s scheduler here

See Cora‘s scheduler here

Chrisanthi Fekkos and Lauren Wales are seeing clients, though they are not accepting new clients as often at this time.

Recipe of the Month: Apple Walnut Spinach Salad

This salad is gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.