May 2018 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Pediatric Adjustments
  • Pre-Natal Nutrition Protocols
  • Dryer Sheets? Dryer Balls!
  • New US Guidelines for Blood Pressure
  • Recipe of the Month: Balsamic Kitchen Skewers

Notes from Pediatric Adjusting Conference 

I attended a continuing education seminar in April that focused on chiropractic analysis and adjusting techniques for the pediatric population.

Many of you know that we see a lot of kids in our family practice. Of course the adjusting techniques are very different than the style and approach we use for most adults.

Children respond very well to chiropractic care. It is a safe, gentle and effective way to help kids’ bodies grow, heal and develop in a healthy and balanced way.

Just like for adults, chiropractic is not a ‘treatment’ for any specific condition or ailment. The adjustments simply restore balance to the nervous system, which helps the body’s innate ability to heal and function.

Some of the more common signs and symptoms that cause parents to bring babies and toddlers to the office include torticollis, head tilt, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, reflux, fluid in the ears/ear infections, and other immune system challenges. Often it is the birth process itself that creates initial strain and pressure along the spine and nervous system for many of these issues.

As kids grow older, we can help address many of the physical, mental and emotional stresses on the body just like we do for adults. 

Prenatal Nutrition Recommendations

In March, I attended a great seminar taught by Dr Maureen Passifume. We learned to customize nutritional and supplement recommendations for soon-to-be moms and dads.

The major emphasis is adding plenty of nutrient-dense foods with healthy fats, while reducing inflammatory and sugary foods and hydrating well. 

I have new protocols for customized pre-natal vitamins and supplements available through the office as well. 

There are specific protocols for people dealing with fertility issues and also plans for supporting some of the more common symptoms/issues during pregnancy like morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, digestive challenges, cramps, and more. Ask me for specific details!

Dryer Balls: Alternative to Toxic Dryer Sheets

Dyer sheets are a part of many people’s laundry routine but did you know most dryer sheets release harmful chemicals?  In this article, Dr. Axe shares the issues with dryer sheets. The fresh scent of a dryer sheet may actually be comprised of many harmful chemicals. Fragrance companies are not required to share what chemicals they use to create their scents but a recent study looked at the contents. Over 25 volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and seven hazardous air pollutants were found. These pollutants and VOC’s can be carcinogenic and trigger problems like asthma and migraines.

Dropping dryer sheets from your laundry routine doesn’t mean you’ll have static filled stiff clothes. There any many alternative products that are better for you and the environment. Dr. Axe’s article gives several suggestions and I personally recommend these wool dryer balls. They last for over 1,000 loads, shorten drying time and soften clothes.  And if you liked dryer sheets for the scent they leave, you can put a few drops of essential oil on these dryer balls and it will transfer the scent to your clothes.   

Concerns About the New US Guidelines for Blood Pressure

There a new guidelines from the American Heart Association that lower the threshold for hypertension diagnosis from 140/80 mmHg to 130/80 mmHG. A report in JAMA Internal Medicine weighs the risk of this this change. 

This article from Medical Express breaks downs the concerns discussed in the report. Many adults have a “true” mmHg around 130/80 and given the variable nature of blood pressure, that raises concerns many people will be wrongly diagnosed with hypertension. 

A false hypertension diagnoses can create many problems including:

  • Possibility of adverse effects from unnecessary blood pressure medications
  • Causing more patients to develop anxiety and depression because of the diagnosis
  • Making it hard for people in countries without universal health care, like in the US, to get proper treatment.  

The report also found that of those who are diagnosed with hypertension based on the new guidelines 80% would not receive any benefit from the diagnosis.  Eleven percent would receive a marginal benefit and 9% would receive a larger benefit. 

In any event, we want to do everything we can to maintain good cardivascular health and blood pressure naturally. Check out Dr. Jockers’and Dr. Mercola’s recommendations for starters and ask me any questions.  

Recipe of the Month: Maple Balsamic Chicken Skewers

It took it’s time getting here but spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner.  It is finally time to break out the grill. These Maple Balsamic Chicken Skewers from the food blog A Calculated Whisk are the perfect main dish for your next grill out. They are easy to prepare, easy to cook and are the perfect mix of salty, sweet and savory.