March 2021 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Health Podcasts
  • Office Closed Dates
  • Online Schedulers for Massage
  • Dina’s Mother WELL Virtual Village
  • Blog Post: Imaging
  • Recipe: Shamrock Shake

Health Podcasts

Do you enjoy podcasts? I love listening to podcasts while driving, doing the dishes and sometimes while exercising. Here are a few of my favorite health related podcasts:

Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

Bulletproof Radio Podcast

Paul Chek Living in 4D Podcast

Oprah Super Soul Conversations Podcast

Wellness Mama Podcast

While not at all health related, these are my two favorite sports podcasts. I’ve been listening to Cincinnati’s own Dan Patrick for years!

Dan Patrick Show

Bill Simmons Podcast

Reply and let me know any great health podcasts you enjoy listening to!

Chiropractic Office Closed March 23rd- March 30th

The chiropractic office will be closed from Tuesday, March 23rd through Tuesday, March 30th.

Shawna and Michelle will check messages and emails periodically during that week we are closed to help you schedule for our return.

Online Schedulers for Massage Therapists

Remember that you can conveniently schedule massage appointments via online schedulers for the awesome therapists upstairs.

Meredith Campbell and Cora Barnhart are fantastic and have sooner availability. Chrisanthi Fekkos and Lauren Wales are excellent, though you might have a longer wait to see one of them!  

Dina’s Mother WELL Virtual Village Starting Soon!  

It’s not too late to join this new group program from my wife, Dina Haggenjos!

New service offering for expecting and new moms – reserve your spot for this intimate experience.  This is NOT your average group offering – groups will be capped at 5 women.  

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, educator, mom of three, birth advocate, postpartum doula, and Founder of Free WELL – a women’s holistic wellness coaching practice – Dina Haggenjos is launching Mother WELL Virtual Villages.

The Mother WELL Virtual Village is a group coaching offering for pregnant and postpartum women seeking connection, support, education, and most of all a village! Take a look at what’s included and pricing!  Villages start in April and end mid-May! 

To reserve your spot, inquire about other offerings and or learn more contact Dina at [email protected] or visit the Contact and complete the form. 

Blog Post: Imaging Results as Friend and Foe

The physical therapists at Mobility Fit are some of the best that we refer our clients to when needed. I liked this blog post they wrote about imaging. Check out other PT’s and other health folks we recommend on our list.

The words and language that we use to describe the condition of the body are important. We want to give people good information, and not make people fearful or depressed about certain diagnoses because of poor word choice.

Recipe of the Month: Shamrock Shake

This Keto version of the popular Shamrock Shake is also gluten free and paleo friendly.