June 2021 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • COVID Protocol Update for Office
  • Boomer Update
  • Second Floor Room For Rent
  • Improved Heart Function with Mid Back Adjustment
  • GrassRoots Farm Feature

COVID Protocol Updates For the Office

After reviewing our responsibilities with the Ohio State Chiropractic Association, guidance from the CDC, and directives from State Department of Health, we will be able to remove the mask mandate for our office on June 2nd. 

You are welcome continue to wear a mask if you prefer, but it is no longer a mandate.

Shawna, Michelle, and Pete will not being wearing masks. However, if you ask us to wear a mask while working with you – we will certainly accommodate your request.

Why Has Boomer Not Been Around the Office?

Some of you have asked why Boomer has not been hanging out at the office lately. She is alive and well, but her hearing is diminishing. She has trouble distinguishing normal foot traffic from an alarming issue when she is at the office, and this resulted in a lot of barking.

While we miss her at the office, you can see from the picture above that she is adored and loved at home. Josephine, in the middle of the picture, likes to start and end every day by walking Boomer.

Thanks for asking about her!

One Room Available on Second Floor of Office

Meredith Campbell has let us know that she will need to scale down her massage practice significantly to allow for her personal and health needs at this time. We love having her and will be sad to see her go. Her departure will make one room available for any health practitioner that may be a good fit! 

Meredith will continue to serve from the office here through the end of June, and after that she will be available on a limited basis working from her home.

We are very pleased that Chrisanthi FekkosLauren Wales and Cora Barnhart continue to serve people on the second floor of our office.

We look forward to welcoming one more new practitioner to join us!

Massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, etc.  – any great service in the health field will be considered.

Check out this link for more info and please pass on to anyone you know who might be interested.  Thank you!

Heart Function Improves After Even One Adjustment

One of the things that I have always loved about chiropractic is that adjustments help the body do more than reduce pain. Positive changes in our physiology, our inner chemistry, result from adjustments as well.

This article shows a great example.

Patients were adjusted in the middle back (thoracic spine) as they sought out help for pain in the region. The patients were monitored with heart rate variability (HRV) devices and the researchers saw an improvement in HRV scores after even one adjustment!

Better HRV scores mean a better ability to adapt to stress and healthier heart function.

Grass Roots Farm

We have been happy customers of Drausin and his team at Grassroots Farm for many years. We stock the freezer at home with 1/2 a beef at a time!

We wanted to share his website and shopping info with you all.

The health benefits of grass fed beef are becoming more well known. Yet, the advantages for the soil, and Earth in general, are relatively unknown. Indeed it is a point of contention and some would argue differently. Yet, I agree with Drausin, that responsibly raised, grass-fed animals are actually a major positive win for our health and our environment.