June 2020 Newsletter

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Video: Anger and Sadness Can Transform our Personal Health and Our Community Health

I was going to make a video with some suggestions to improve your work-from-home set up and demonstrate some exercises that would help you minimize pain and posture trouble.

Given the current events in our country today I felt this video was more relevant. Some points I wanted to communicate in the video:

  • Strong emotions like anger and despair are signals that we need to make a change in our body. The emotions are not bad in and of themselves.
  • Staying stuck in these emotions indefinitely has poor consequences on our physiology and our personal health long term. (Cortisol, stress hormones, blood pressure, etc)
  • Making choices and taking direct actions to address our emotions is healthy. Not taking action or doing things the same will get us more of the same health results.
  • On a personal level, choosing to act on behalf of our emotions improves our well being. On a greater scale it can improve our community health if our actions are well-designed.
  • For example, the recent killings of African Americans Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd left me with a sick feeling in my gut. I was angry and sad. I am moving into a place of more action. For me this means finding books that will help me better understand racism, contributing to groups that are working for racial justice and recognizing I can speak up and stand up more often to denounce racism and be a bigger part of the solution. 
  • To use the COVID-19 example, many folks are fearful or concerned. There is nothing wrong with this feeling, but we know that being in fear for prolonged times decreases your body’s immune system function. Making strong choices and actions, which we have discussed in previous videos, can actually move you out of fear and into better health and immune capacity. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that only fearful people will suffer from COVID. I am describing a principle to help you improve your resilience. My point is if we all do our best to be as healthy as we can, it will free up resources for the folks who do end up needing more care, more treatment and more help for this disease. Our choices impact our body and our community. 

Texting for Appointment Requests

Most of you receive a text message reminder for your appointments 24 hours ahead of your adjustment time. (If you currently do not get those and want to receive them, just let us know).

You are also welcome to text the office for requests and appointments. Your message will pop up on the front desk computer. The phone number is the same one that you receive the automated appointment reminders from (513-717-1122). Please note that this is not the same as our phone number (513-723-1190)

Meet Nikki Barton, LMT

Some of you have had the pleasure of meeting our newest massage therapist, Nikki Barton. She has openings in her schedule. Here is a message from Nikki:

Hi! I’m Nikki.  I am a graduate of the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage and have been a licensed massage therapist since 2009.  I am also Nationally Certified as well as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  I have always been interested in wellness, healing, and stress-relief.  For me, massage therapy was the natural path for these interests.

Massage therapy is an excellent way to re-balance and de-stress.  Research shows that massage can help to reduce stress and related symptoms, including headaches, shoulder tension, insomnia, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain.  When the body is tense and under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of the well-known stress hormone, cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and headaches. Massage therapy has been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body.

My goal is to thoughtfully tailor each massage session; personalizing the experience for every individual. I integrate a variety of modalities in the session, such as Therapeutic, Swedish, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, and stretching, to promote pain and tension relief and deep relaxation.  I can provide both soothing, gentle massage and deeper targeted pressure where you need it most, so that you can emerge refreshed and rejuvenated.

To schedule an appointment, please call or text: 513-252-5762.

Podcast: Tony Robbins with a Panel of Doctors

Tony Robbins talks to a panel of doctors and a Nobel Prize winner about COVID-19 in this podcast. 

This is over two hours long but I found it very good. 

Articles: Kids and Chiropractic

Here are two new research articles about kids and chiropractic care:

The Safety and Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic

The Quality of Life of children Under Chiropractic Care Using PROMIS-25

Video: Bill Maher and Our Obsession with Germs

You may or may not like Bill Maher’s politics, but this clip has nothing to do with politics.

It’s all about not letting the Coronavirus fundamentally change our relationship with the world we live in – namely our encounters with all germs.

Recipe of the Month: Madras Chicken Salad

Check out this delicious, refreshing summer recipe from Nom Nom Paleo.