June 2019 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Video: The Scarecrow Exercise
  • Upcoming Dates of Office Closure
  • Sun Safety and Sunscreen
  • Class: Tech Wise-Your Child’s Brain and Body on Tech
  • Recipe: 30 Keto Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes


Great exercise for shoulders and back! 

Check out this quick video (1 min, 44 sec) with my friend Josh Hostetler at his gym, Breakthrough. He teaches us the ‘scarecrow’ exercise. Many of us can benefit from this move to improve our motion and strengthen the shoulders and back. Become more resilient to meet the demands of desk work, computer work, holding babies, etc! 

Josh has a unique approach to training, health and fitness and enjoys helping people who are trying to regain great health after injuries. 


Upcoming Dates Chiropractic Office Closed

The office will be closed Friday, June 14th. We will have morning hours (and the usual afternoon hours) available on Thursday, June 13th, to help accommodate the closure.

Looking ahead to July, we will be closed July 2nd through July 9th. Bear in mind if you would like an adjustment on Monday, July 1st, or Wednesday, July 10th, please schedule early as these days will fill up quickly. Thank you!

Sun safety this summer!

Sunlight is absolutely good for us and our health. We often hear that sun exposure can cause skin cancer. Overexposure and burning of the skin can cause changes that lead to skin cancer. However, being outside in the sunshine is one of the best things you can do for your health.

The key is being outside enough to benefit, but not too much to burn! Of course there are occasions when we may not be able to limit our time outside and need some help. Loose, lightweight clothing and hats are a great choice.

Sunscreens are another option we can use for prolonged time out in the sun. Unfortunately, there are concerns with both traditional and ‘natural’ sunscreens. It seems that some of the chemicals in traditional sunscreens can be harmful and that titanium dioxide, found in many natural sunscreens, may cause problems as well

Furthermore, you may have read recently that coral reefs and other marine life are damaged from traditional sunscreen chemicals.  Hawaii and other areas have passed bans on sunscreens that can harm coral reefs. Scientists have found that sunscreen gets washed off in the ocean and contributes to coral bleaching, killing the coral.  

The EWG releases a list of safer sunscreen options each year.Three brands I have used recently with my family are Raw Elements USABadger and thinkBaby

Class: “Your Child’s Brain and Body on Tech”

Gina Vitucci, OT of Functional Interplay Therapy will be presenting a class next week on Tuesday June 11th at Rhinegeist. RSVP with Gina and learn more about this important topic!

Recipe(s) of the Month: 30 Keto Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes 

Mark’s Daily Apple blog has a nice compilation of keto recipes. The pan fried brussels sprouts and bacon looks awesome! There are also some recipes for low carb Korean and Indian dishes!