January 2023 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Video: Breathing Into the Lower Back
  • Recommended People and Services
  • Last Call for FreeWELL Postpartum Village 2.0
  • Book and Podcast Recommendations
  • Recipe: Paleo/Whole 30 Meal Prep Plans

Video: Breathing To Relax the Lower Back

Check out this simple tip to relax the tension in your lower back. A simple awareness to where you are breathing into the body is key!

Recommended People and Services List

We have a printed list in our office and a list on our website of recommended people and services.

A few new additions to our list include:

Jacob Mills of Breakthrough Movement – check out his special offer of free assessment and 10% off his 10-pack of training sessions. 

Jen Borsum – energy healing and reiki.

Last Call for FreeWELL Postpartum Village 2.0

Postpartum moms, take a look at this offer from Free WELL women’s coaching and Absolute Kinetics physical therapy that starts this month! Registration closes on January 15th!

If you are postpartum don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow among other mamas and with TWO women specialists (plus! Spotlight experts) for 12 weeks!  

It is a total mind, body, home, baby, and more package designed to meet each mama where she is at and serve her immediately and for days and years to come.  Moms will receive guides, resources, practices and live coaching, that they can put to use immediately and or save for later (and you will want to save them!  Past moms have said they are still using their learnings and resources years after being a part of the village).

Who’s it for:  postpartum moms (welcoming first, second, + child) 0-12 months postpartum

When: Live, weekly virtual sessions via Zoom begin January 31st 10 am EST. These sessions are recorded in case you miss it!

Where:  all online, moms receive a weekly email with all the needed information and a link the weekly Zoom chat – babies are welcome to join!  We’ve had moms nurse, play, prepare meals all while being a part of the village!

How: you can join the village today (space is limited to protect the village feel, this is not a big moms group – limited to 10 moms) join here now

YOU GET:  In addition to live coaching, resources and guides moms get private access to a text/video thread between you, the coaches and other village mamas for 24/7 support and questions!

Don’t miss 12 weeks of total mind, body, baby, home and more support designed for the postpartum mama!  To join visit www.myfreeWELL.com/village

Groups begin January 31st, 2023 at 10 am EST (sessions are recorded)!

Book and Podcast Recommendations 

Uploaded a work by Riesenspatz / Svenja Kirsch, Anna Lena Schiller, [https://www.riesenspatz.de/ riesenspatz.de] from Wikimedia Movement Strategy Process 2018-20 with UploadWizard

In the newsletter last month, a few of the links I attempted to link to were incomplete. So, here they are with the proper web links. 

Recipe of the Month: Paleo/Whole 30 Food Prep

Meal prep! Cleaning out the fridge with a broccoli & tortellini dish, I made an Asian slaw for tomorrow (will add grilled shrimp& dressing when ready to serve), roasted sweet potatoes that I mashed up for pancakes, celery, beans and cucumbers to snack on,

A few recipes for those looking to new food prep ideas in 2023…