January 2021 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Video: Scooping and Reaching – Moves to Interrupt Your Desk Time
  • Welcome Meredith Campbell to the Office!
  • Purification Programs: Not too Late!
  • Podcast: Dina’s appearance on “What The Fit?!”
  • Hypervolt Percussion Therapy Still on Sale!
  • Humidifiers for Better Immune Function
  • Recipe: Cauliflower Popcorn

Video: Scooping and Reaching – Moves to Interrupt Your Desk Time for Ease in the Upper Back

Looking back on the common issues from people in the office in 2020, one of the top concerns was upper back and shoulder pain – often from new work set-ups at home.

I recorded this video to give you two quick movements to use throughout your work day. I think you will notice better motion, less tension and improved breathing and posture right away. Do them consistently and old patterns of chronic pain can change.

Thanks to Josh Hostetler at Breakthrough Movement for teaching me these movements and many others I have shared with you. Josh, Kim, Jacob and the team at Breakthrough are available to help anyone looking for a unique approach to exercise, training and group sessions.

Welcome Meredith Campbell, LMT to the Office

Beginning in February 2021, we are very excited to be welcoming a new massage therapist upstairs, Meredith Campbell.

I have known Meredith for 7 years. She has worked on me personally over this time and I am so pleased that she will now bring her talents to our office. Meredith brings great presence to her sessions and always adapts her techniques to best serve my body on any given day. She is a top-tier bodyworker!

Meredith is offering a 20% discounted introductory rate for new clients. To schedule, contact [email protected] or call 513-706-5526.

Here is a brief bio from Meredith:

Being human isn’t always easy. Trauma and stress are constantly impacting our physical and energetic bodies, whether we are aware of it or not. Stress on the body or mind, in some way or another, is the root of all dis-ease.

I have diligently explored a variety of therapies (traditional and complementary) to achieve and maintain a state of holistic balance within myself. It is my belief that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. With positive intentions and effort, alongside a network of supportive practitioners who can help facilitate the process, healing is possible.

I’ve been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009. Drawing from my personal journey with wellness, as well as my foundations of psychology and anatomy, I provide bodywork sessions that aim to recalibrate the whole person. I am intuitively guided, using my psychosomatic lens to feel my way through the stress presenting in the body. I use manual soft tissue manipulation to soften the edges, while holding space for whatever else wants or needs to shift.

I work through various massage modalities, (Swedish, Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Bamboo Fusion, and Prenatal). I often recommend specific stretches and exercises, postural education, breathwork, and aromatherapy for aftercare to support my clients. I enjoy customizing bodywork sessions to meet individual needs.

I am so grateful to be a conduit for healing. I enjoy connecting with Spirit to move through myself to share these gifts with those who seek a more balanced life. Massage is my art, and while my creations can’t be seen, they can certainly be felt. I very much appreciate each opportunity I am given to create more health and wellness.

When not working with clients, you might find me spending time with my family, hiking, bicycling, spending time in nature, walking as an herbalist, reading (historical fiction is my favorite), playing the piano, or practicing yoga.

Video: New Organifi and SP Cleanse Options

This year we are excited to have a different nutrition option for the annual New Year’s cleanse AND we are adding a lifestyle component to the programs no matter which nutrition choice you choose!

I have been very impressed with the Organifi Green Juice product since I began using it as a morning beverage earlier this year. It has a minty taste and you simply mix one scoop with water and shake it up in a bottle to drink. This is not a meal replacement, rather it is an easy way to get wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, horseradish, Ashwagandha, beets, and turmeric to start your day with healthy superfoods.  One jar has a 30 day supply and is the perfect length for another New Year’s Cleanse option!

The other two nutritional purification programs are the same as we offered last year, the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program  or the  Standard Process 10 -Day Detox Program.

The purification programs are designed to give your digestive system nutrients and rest  to heal and improve function. You will eat healthy meals throughout program (it’s not a fast).

I will be participating again this year as I like to give my body a healthy reset to start the year. 

The final addition this year is that we are asking you to choose at least one (and no more than three) healthy habits to initiate at the same time as you do the cleanse. We will have a long list for you to choose options or create your own! Some examples:

  • Sleep
  • Daily average screen time
  • Exercise
  • Meditation 
  • Journal writing 

We are taking orders now for the purification kits; the green juice powder is in stock. The total cost for the SP 21-day program is $229 + tax. Unflavored, chocolate and vanilla flavors are available. The 10-day program is $84.50 + tax and comes in chai or unflavored options. One jar of the green juice powder has 30 servings and our discounted price is $56. 

Email or call us to sign up and get started. We will send you the list of healthy lifestyle habit changes so you can start thinking about your selection before we begin. Throughout January, I will check in by email to see how you are doing, provide some accountability, and answer questions. Let’s do it!

Podcast: Dina Haggenjos Interviewed by Krissy Grote on her Health Coaching Approach

If you’ve read the last few newsletters, you know how proud I am of my wife, Dina, and her new Health and Wellness Coaching business, Free Well. Recently she was the guest on this podcast! Remember, you can schedule a free 15 minute call to learn more and see how she may be able to help you on this link.

Here is the intro to the podcast:

My guest today believes you don’t have to keep your wellness separate from your life, she can get it working as one. She’s a certified integrative nutrition health coach, master of curiosity and ideas, and a fierce nurturer. A trained research and innovation consultant, now turned health coach helping people get curious about themselves to fuel personal innovation, please welcome, Dina Haggenjos, of Free Well!

Humidifiers: Add One to Your Bedroom

I featured this article for the March 2020 newsletter and wanted to bring it to your attention again, now that we are in the drier, winter months. 

Adding a humidifier to your bedroom may be an easy way to help your immune system, especially in dry conditions. Some excerpts of note:

At low relative humidity, indoor air was strongly associated with higher infection rates. “When we dry the air out, droplets and skin flakes carrying viruses and bacteria are launched into the air, traveling far and over long periods of time. The microbes that survive this launching tend to be the ones that cause healthcare-associated infections,” said Taylor. “Even worse, in addition to this increased exposure to infectious particles, the dry air also harms our natural immune barriers which protect us from infections.”

“the ‘sweet spot’ for indoor air is between 40% and 60% relative humidity. An instrument called a hygrometer, available for about $10, will measure it. Every hospital, school, and home should have them, according to Taylor, along with a humidifier to adjust room hydration to the sweet spot.”

Hypervolt Percussion Therapy Still on Sale 

The sales of this tool in the office have exceeded our expectations and we had to place several additional orders last month to restock! I have secured another dozen at the lower holiday price and can extend that sale to you for a bit longer.

Many of you ask about a percussion tool that you can use at home. The Hypervolt is one of the best available. We are carrying this tool at the office and we are able to offer a discounted price of $279 (normally $349).

Some benefits:

  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Enhances muscle performance

The technology specs:

  • Bluetooth® connected to the Hyperice App
  • Brushless high-torque 60 W motor
  • Patented QuietGlide™ technology
  • 3 speeds (30Hz / 40Hz / 53Hz)
  • Up to 3200 percussions per minute
  • 5 interchangeable head attachments
  • 24 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Patented pressure sensor (3 levels)
  • Lightweight, easy to use (3 lbs)
  • TSA approved for carry-on

Recipe of the Month: Cauliflower Popcorn

A healthy snack to start the new year.