Do Not Fear Salt!

Salt (sodium chloride) is essential for good health:

• Maintains Acid-Base Level
• Nerve Conduction
• Nutrient Transport Into Cells
• Maintaining Blood Pressure
• Muscular Activity
• Digesting Proteins
• Killing Parasites and Pathogens

Many people are afraid to use salt for fear of high blood pressure. It turns out a minority of people experience blood pressure issues directly due to salt consumption.

I am certainly not recommending eating processed foods with high salt content, but I do recommend using salt on your meats, fish and vegetables to assist your body with digestion, nutrient transport, and body function.

I recommend Sea Salt. It is not chemically treated & it contains many valuable trace minerals. Real Salt brand is widely available in groceries. Most table salt also contains dextrose (sugar) as a flavor additive after the valuable minerals are stripped away.

This article details the process most table salt goes through and explains the superior value of sea salt.

Too little salt can result in cramping, insatiable thirst, apathy, and decreased mental performance.