December 2023 Newsletter

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  • Video: Gratitude + Looking to 2024
  • December Closed Dates
  • Parking Info During Holiday Season
  • 2024 Nutritional Program Options
  • Electrolytes; Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Recipe: Paleo Cinnamon Cookies

Video: Gratitude + Looking to 2024

A one minute video to say thank you for trusting me to help you work toward more health and vitality, plus an invitation to embrace more health in 2024!

December Closed Dates

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The office will be closed Monday, December 25th; Thursday, December 28th and Monday, January 1st. 

Parking Update for the Holidays

Just a reminder that during the holiday season the parking lot directly across the street tends to get full more often. Combine this with the Duke Energy construction project along our road until summer 2024, and please be patient with us as parking may be a bit more challenging this month. Please keep this in mind and allow extra time to park before your scheduled appointment time. 

Remember that you can still park on the street in front of the office as long as there are no construction vehicles there (Even if the cones and signs are up!). 

2024 Nutritional Programs for the New Year

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We have three options for the annual New Year’s Cleanse this year:

The options include:

The purification programs are designed to give your digestive system nutrients and rest  to heal and improve function. You will eat healthy meals throughout program (it’s not a fast).

We are taking orders now for the purification kits; the green juice powder is in stock. The total cost for the SP 21-day program is $249 + tax. Unflavored, chocolate and vanilla flavors are available. The 10-day program is $91.50 + tax and comes in chai or unflavored options. One jar of the green juice powder has 30 servings and our discounted price is $56. 

Email or call us to sign up and get started!

Electrolytes: Great for Pregnancy/Postpartum and General Cardiovascular Health

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This article discusses the importance of electrolytes during pregnancy and this one discusses why electrolytes are important to your cardiovascular health.

Many of you enjoy the LMNT electrolytes we stock at the office. You can buy individual packs ($1.50) or a box of 30 packs ($45.00) of watermelon, citrus, raspberry or grapefruit.

Recipe of the Month: Paleo Cinnamon Snowflake Christmas Cookies

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These cookies and are dairy, egg and gluten free. Might be fun to make with kids! Here is a link to print the recipe directly.