December 2015 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter:

  • 21 Day Purification Program Kicks Off in January
  • Holiday Schedule
  • John Harrison Counseling
  • Chiropractic Care and Ear Infections
  • Holiday Gift Drive for Lighthouse Youth Services
  • FSA, HSA and Insurance Deductibles
  • Recipe of the Month: Bone Broth

Join Us For the 21-Day Purification in January

Are you looking for a great way to ‘reset’ your health? Maybe you would like to:

  • improve your health, energy, sleep and nutrition.
  • lose weight
  • drop dependence on sugar or caffeine
  • improve blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure
  • join a group of people also making a 21-day commitment to better health habits.

Join us for the Standard Process 21-day Purification Program in January!

The purification program is designed to give your digestive system the nutrients and rest that it needs to heal and improve function. You will eat healthy meals throughout program (it’s not a fast) and also take several Standard Process supplements to help your digestive system.View my video for more details.

I will be participating again this year as I like to give my body a healthy reset to start the year. Last year around 35 people participated in the January program last year with great results.  Click here to read some of the experiences people shared with me.

We will have a kickoff class at Thrive on Tuesday, January 5 at 6:00 PM. At this class we will go over the details to insure your success.

We are taking orders now for the purification kits. The total cost for the program is $199 + tax. We will need your order by Dec. 23rd in order to have the kit ready for you on January 5th. Email or call us to sign up and get started or to ask any questions.

You are also welcome to attend the class to learn more and we can order kits to ship to the office or directly to your house within a couple days should you decide to join us. If you are unable to attend the class, you may still participate. We have tips and advice we can email you so you can start on your own.

Holiday Office Schedule

The office will be closed for chiropractic visits on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1. Please inquire with Allyson, Chrisanthi and Kelly for individual appointments upstairs as they will all have varying availability.

Meet a Community Partner: John Harrison

Beginning this month we would like to feature some of our partners in the community who also offer services or products for healthy, happy living. We will start with John Harrison:

Just up the road in Pleasant Ridge, John Harrison, LPCC (licensed mental health counselor) offers individual and couples counseling to both men and women. John works closely with men in life transition and depression, while assisting both men and women find a more healthy and balanced sense of self.  He works with couples in empowering their relationship and helps troubled couples dealing with severe problems such as infidelity and emotional distancing.

He is especially interested in assisting people with finding their own voice and empowerment. 

“People are waking up to the idea that they want to live more authentically in every aspect of their lives. Not only socially and at work, but especially in their relationships. We want more realness in our lives but it’s not as if we simply know how to get this. It’s a process that impacts us personally, emotionally, and especially those people close to us. Taking the steps to make your life netter doesn’t come without difficulties. It’s hard work but the payoff can be huge. It’s not an impossible feat to have a more fulfilling life and a more satisfying relationship. It’s something we all can have and it’s something we all deserve.”

Find out more about John through his website and contract him for a free 15 minute counseling session to see if counseling is for you.

John has also established The Healing Collaborative. The collaborative offers a variety of services from counseling to Reiki, Alexander Technique and holistic coaching. There are a total of 9 practitioners offering services at variety of times during the week.  Check out more about what The Healing Collaborative offers at their website.

Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections

The most frequent reason children visit the physician and are prescribed antibiotics is for ear infections (otitis media). Ten percent of children will suffer ear infections before 3 months of age and 80% of children will be diagnosed at least once before the age of 3 years.

Ear infections are most commonly seen in children as their Eustachian tubes are not fully developed and horizontal, not slanted down like in adults.  Fluid can not flow freely from the Eustachian tube, causing it to back up and put pressure on the ear drum, causing pain for the child. This fluid is often, but not always, caused by bacteria or a virus. This tends to happen during an upper respiratory illness.

The first treatment for infections is often antibiotics however antibiotics are not without risk. A study from the 2010 Journal of Epidemiology shows that infants who receive 2 or more antibiotic treatments before 6 months of age have a 72% greater risk of developing asthma. 

Numerous studies show that that Chiropractic care can alleviate symptoms of otitis media. Chiropractic care seeks to restore the normal power and function of the nervous system, ears and deep cervical lymphatics.There is a direct link between the bones and joints of the upper neck and dysfunction of the Eustachian tube. 

Ear pain is not not always caused by an infection. Often the fluid putting pressure on the ear drum is not infected.  This article from Pathways to Family Wellness shares ways you can help a child cope with the pain and fluid of otitis media.

Gift Collection for LightHouse Youth Services

Once again this year, Thrive Chiropractic will be participating in a Holiday Gift Drive benefiting Lighthouse Youth Services.  Lighthouse offers many social services benefiting children in Southwest Ohio. They offer the only 24/7 sanctuary for homeless, abused and abandoned youth in the area and they service 550 youth and families in their residential facility. Lighthouse Youth Services is the largest provider of foster care in Hamilton County and offers 19 different programs benefiting youth and young adults.

Above is a list of items Lighthouse needs.  We will be collecting items now through Friday December 11.  Remember, the agency has requested no wrapping paper for the gifts.

Use Your Insurance Benefits By Year End!

Have you met your deductible for 2015? If so, you may have little or no out-of-pocket cost for chiropractic for the rest of the year depending on the details of your plan. Call or email us if you would like us to check your plan and let you know your costs.

Similarly,  you may have funds in a medical savings account that you must use prior to the end of the calendar year. You may purchase a package of adjustments to use in the future so you do not lose this money!

Please don’t forget you can always use HSA funds or FSA funds for chiropractic care as well.

Recipe of the Month:  Bone Broth

You may have heard about the many health benefits of bone broth.  In a recent article on his website, Mark Sisson  answers many questions about the uses and benefits of bone broth and shares recipes. The Weston Price Foundation has great info and recipes for beef, chicken and fish stock as well.