Maximizing Potential Growing up in the Philippines, Dave was not familiar with chiropractic care before coming to Thrive. After meeting Pete at the gym one day he was curious how including chiropractic in his lifestyle may help him pursue adventure and enjoy his hobbies like exercise, travel, food and the arts. As Dave puts it, "There was nothing troubling me in particular before I started with chiropractic care, I was mainly looking at how I can further my potential and achieve an optimal state of fitness, healthy living and wellbeing." Dave has attended health classes at Thrive which have inspired him to make changes in his social, emotional, and spiritual health. "I am the type of person who always feels the need to move, perform, and be productive …. After Pete makes those adjustments and alignments, I leave feeling so much better. I see it more as ongoing preventive maintenance so that I can perform at the optimal level not only with my athletic activities but at work and in my daily activities. I like to live an intense and full life and I see my body as something like a machine that if it doesn’t get proper maintenance, it will breakdown at some point. It makes a huge difference! I feel better overall since I started getting chiropractic care." – Dave Rescober

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